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Exhaust fan, also known as ventilation fan. It is a kind of air-conditioning appliance that the fan blade is driven by the motor to rotate and drive the air flow to exchange indoor and outdoor air. There are three ventilation modes of exhaust fan: exhaust type, suction type and combined type. The exhaust type enters the air from the natural air inlet and discharges the dirty air through the exhaust fan; In the suction type, fresh air is sucked through the ventilator, and dirty air is discharged from the natural exhaust port; The combined type is that the suction and exhaust are completed by the ventilator. At present, exhaust fans are generally divided into industrial exhaust fans and household exhaust fans. Today I will introduce the size of exhaust fans and other information

exhaust fan, also known as negative pressure fan, negative pressure fan, etc. The exhaust fan has the characteristics of low investment cost, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long service life and high efficiency. There are many kinds of exhaust fans, so we need to choose the most suitable ventilation and cooling equipment according to the air volume, static pressure and other attributes. Exhaust fans are widely used in homes and public places. Exhaust fans, which can realize ventilation, are very popular. Therefore, different models and sizes of exhaust fans have been introduced in the market, which also meet the needs of different families for exhaust fans. Do you know the common size standards of exhaust fans? How much do you know about the size of exhaust fan? Next, let me introduce the size of exhaust fan and how to choose exhaust fan for you in detail

exhaust fan introduction

exhaust fan, also known as negative pressure fan, negative pressure fan, etc. It is the use of air convection that can keep the room in a negative pressure state, form a suction force, continuously inhale the outdoor air, and discharge the indoor sultry air, so as to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling

what are the sizes of exhaust fans

1. Nowadays, a very common exhaust fan in life is a fan blade exhaust fan. The form of this kind of product is similar to that of a range hood. It is mainly used in toilets without windows. The opening size of this kind of exhaust fan is 29.5cm*29.5cm; Its outer frame size is 34.5cm*14.3*34.5cm

2. The function of closed exhaust fan is no better than that of fan blade exhaust fan, but there is a certain difference in appearance. This kind of toilet exhaust fan is generally 30.5cm*30.5cm square design, which also has adsorption strength, which is stronger than ordinary ones

3. Some family toilets also use exhaust fans in the shape of central air conditioning. The common opening size of such exhaust fans is 20.5cm*20.5cm, and the panel size is 25.5cm*25.5cm. In terms of price, this type is generally more expensive, but the effect is also much more obvious, with fast adsorption and rapid exhaust

how to choose exhaust fan

1. The kitchen is a place for cooking delicious food, and lampblack often becomes a headache for us. When selecting exhaust fans for kitchens, in addition to choosing products with appropriate ventilation methods according to space, we also need to pay attention to the power of exhaust fans

2. Household exhaust fans in the market are divided into ceiling type, wall mounted type and window type. The bathroom is an area where moisture and humidity are concentrated. When purchasing, it should be considered according to the area of the bathroom and the ventilation environment. It should also be determined whether it is installed on the ceiling or on the wall or window. According to different installation positions, different models of exhaust fans should be purchased

3. When purchasing exhaust fans, pay attention to the sound level. The lower the level of exhaust fans, the better. Generally, those less than level 3 are acceptable

4. Check the appearance. High quality exhaust fans are relatively good in terms of materials and workmanship, and there will be no phenomenon of thin materials, uneven joints, deformation and damage. When purchasing, check whether the plane of the exhaust fan is free of warpage, the plastic parts are flat and smooth, the electroplated parts are bright, and there are no traces of rust spots

5. Commissioning inspection. When purchasing, it is best to try the exhaust fan on site. After power on, observe whether the fan blades of the exhaust fan rotate smoothly, have no abnormal noise and vibration, and have sufficient air volume

exhaust fan brand

1 Panasonic Panasonic (in 1918, Japan, the world's top 500 enterprises, world brands, large multinational companies, the world's largest electronic manufacturer, Panasonic electric (China) Co., Ltd.)

2 Zhengye genuin (a high-tech enterprise, a famous trademark in Guangdong, a manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of ventilation and ventilation electrical equipment, Guangdong Zhengye Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.)

3 Jinling (Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong famous trademark, industry influential brand, private enterprise with self-supporting import and export rights, Jiangmen Jinling exhaust fan manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

4 Midea (since 1968, it is a well-known trademark in China, a listed company, one of the most globally competitive brands, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, and Guangdong Midea Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd.)

5 Green Island wind nedfon (in 1989, a famous brand in the industry, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a modern enterprise integrating research, development and sales, green island wind Gangyi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)

6 AUPU (China's well-known trademark, Zhejiang famous brand, top ten exhaust fan brands, Zhejiang famous trademark, focusing on the manufacturer of sanitary appliances, Hangzhou AUPU Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)

7 Bnn-lonon (a world-famous comprehensive technology company, an enterprise committed to the R & D, manufacturing and sales of ventilation and HVAC products, Guangdong bellere Electric Co., Ltd.)

8 Feidiao (China's famous trademark, a large enterprise integrating manufacturing, scientific research, import and export trade, services, real estate development and management, Shanghai feidiao Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd.)

9 Emmett (started in 1973 in Taiwan, an industry influential brand, one of the top ten exhaust fan brands, and one of the most competitive brands in the market, Emmett electrical appliances (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.)

10 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi (founded in 1870 in Japan, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, committed to research and development activities of cutting-edge technology and expertise, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd.)

installation height of exhaust fan

different specifications of exhaust fan installation have different requirements, and the installation and use of high-power exhaust fan will make the air conversion time faster. Generally, there is a practical formula for the installation of exhaust fan. The size of window glass should be greater than the size of exhaust blade plus 45 mm. The commonly used louver exhaust fan can be installed about 2.3 meters away from the ground

precautions for exhaust fan installation I

the first step of exhaust fan installation is to check whether the exhaust fan is intact, and then look carefully for damage. Especially the details of lines, interfaces, screw sizes, etc. The line voltage of the exhaust fan shall be consistent with the rated voltage of the motor

precautions for exhaust fan installation II

some exhaust fans used in public places belong to large machinery, and the function of exhaust fans is different from that of household use. When installing the exhaust fan, pay special attention to the scope of use and the acceptable environment of the exhaust fan. Some exhaust fans need to be installed at a certain temperature before they can work normally

precautions for exhaust fan installation III

stable exhaust fan installation is also one of the precautions. Only by choosing a correct orientation and a reasonable installation position for the exhaust fan, can the use effect of the exhaust fan reach the best. Sometimes the exhaust fan is not used well, which is often the problem of exhaust fan installation. Therefore, it is very important to install the exhaust fan correctly

precautions for exhaust fan installation IV

the principle of shortest pipeline should be adopted for exhaust fan installation in toilet, and it should be close to the place where moisture is generated. In terms of appearance, choose an exhaust fan with beautiful appearance and unified style. The exhaust fan should not be installed above the shower, which will make the temperature too low and affect the comfort. Create a clean and comfortable bathroom

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