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The detailed rules for the implementation of the renewable energy law are expected to be issued in April, according to experts from the China Chamber of Commerce for machinery and electronics on the 23rd, the detailed rules for the implementation of the renewable energy law are expected to be issued in April

at the end of last year, the amendment to the renewable energy law was passed by the National People's Congress, and the new law did not come into being, so the important system of full guaranteed purchase was abandoned. The new law specifically points out that the specific measures for preferential dispatching and full purchase of renewable energy power generation by power enterprises shall be formulated, and it also specifies that this work shall be supervised and implemented by the competent Energy Department of the State Council in conjunction with the state power regulatory authority

the expert believes that an important bottleneck in the process of renewable energy power generation is that the electricity purchase system for power enterprises is not perfect. Therefore, formulating specific measures for power enterprises to give priority to dispatching and purchase renewable energy power generation in full is an important driving force for accelerating the development of renewable energy in the next step

just yesterday, sunguangbin, deputy director of the first mechanical industry department of the China Chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical equipment, said at the "conference of the second Asian photovoltaic summit" that the market research of the chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical equipment showed that the global demand for "solar energy" photovoltaic will increase by more than 25% in 2010. At the same time, the average profit margin of solar cells and building manufacturers will also be about 15%

as for the export situation of photovoltaic products, sunguangbin predicts that the export in 2010 should be better than that in 2009, and the year-on-year growth of export will not be less than that of Japan's Dongcao and Denggao companies, who will also join the parking inspection team by 15%

"if the global PV growth rate is not less than 20%, most of the PV products are purchased from China, and the growth of China's PV export will not be less than 15% over last year." Sunguangbin said that in the case of global economic depression, the photovoltaic industry can be regarded as the only one in the world. With the increasing global attention to the new energy industry, manufacturers in China's photovoltaic industry are very confident in this market

it is reported that at present, 98% of the sales of China's photovoltaic industry depend on exports. In 2008, China's solar energy optical coherence data Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce to you that the export of underlying products was $6.232 billion. In 2009, the export was $15.44 billion, a year-on-year increase of 147.75%, but the average export price showed a downward trend. In January 2010, the export has improved

among all photovoltaic products exported, solar cells account for the largest proportion. It is reported that in 2001, the output of photovoltaic cells in China was only 3 MW. In the past two years, rich profits have prompted more funds to flow into the battery industry. In 2008, the output of photovoltaic cells in China reached 2000 MW, ranking first in the world. In 2009, China's exports of solar cells reached US $7.17 billion, accounting for 46% of China's exports of photovoltaic products. Sunguangbin believes that the export of solar cells will continue to grow at a high rate this year and maintain a large market share

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